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South Scotland Regional Group: Frenzy of Fungal Friendships


Frenzy of Fungal Friendships

The South Scotland Regional group are holding this webinar that will look at the amazing relationships fungi have with trees and how our understanding of these relationships is developing. It will take place on 30 October 2020 from 10:30 until 13:30 on Zoom.


Session One

The world-renowned Microbial Ecologist, Professor Lynne Boddy MBE FRSB FLSW of Cardiff University, will be talking about communities of fungi in wood – how they form and what they do. Professor Boddy works on the ecology of wood decomposition, including synecology and autecology.


Session Two

Dr Emma Gilmanton will be talking about her research on fungal communities in beech trees, with regards to heart rot and origins of decay. She will also discuss the findings of her doctorial research and what she found and where it may take our understanding of fungal communities, not just in Beech, but possibly in other tree species as well.


Session Three

Ed Pyne will be talking to about ‘Veteranisation of oak branches’ and what benefits can be enjoyed from these practices. He will look at the ecological niches in ancient Oaks, if they can be mimicked and the fungi that rely on them. What can the arboricultural industry do to support these threatened fungal communities and their habitats?


Session Four

Ed Pyne will look at Oak fungi, how to identify them, their ecology and decay types. Rich will continue talking about his research into the common causal agents of heart-rot in Oak and their processes expanding our knowledge and looking at the interactions, succession, and diversity of these decay communities. This research is in its early stages so his talk will focus on the Standing Oak Tree Fungal survey what they are looking for and which questions his research hopes to answer.


Session Four

Ian Chedgy will close by giving an arboricultural perspective into fungi on trees, and their conservation. He will look at how arborists and arboriculturalists can aid this conservation of fungi and the communities they support by helping maintain the habitats they rely on.




10:30 – Introduction to the speakers

10:40 – Lynne Boddy: ‘Communities of fungi in wood – how they form and what they do’

11:25 – Emma Gilmartin: ‘Fungal communities in heart-rot and hollowing of beech’

11:40 – Ed Pyne: ‘Veteranisation of oak branches’

12:00  Break

12:15 – Ed Pyne: Oak fungi: ID, ecology and decay

12:35 – Rich Wright: ‘Introducing the Standing Oak Tree Fungal survey’

12:50 – Ian Chedgy: ‘Fungi on trees, and their conservation – an arborist’s perspective’

13:10 – Plenary of the sessions’ topics

13:30  Finish

If relevant to you, you may claim 3.5 hours of CPD for attending this event.

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